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    If you are preparing for the certification of ISTQB Foundation Level  then here are some sample question papers of  ISTQB Foundation Level certification exam with answers to make your preparation a little easier.

    ISTQB Testing Certification Sample Question Papers With Answers- Tutorials Hut

    The ISTQB stands for International Testing Qualifications Board responsible for the “ISTQB Certified Tester”. ISTQB sample paper provided in this section which helps in successfully clearing the exam.

      • There is an examination covering the contents of the syllabus related to software testing.
      • After the examination, each successful participant receives the “ISTQB-Certified-Tester” certificate.
      • This QA certification adds global recognition.

    This page has ISTQB sample papers links which gives you better understanding of how question paper is framed.

    Benefits of ISTQB certification:

    ISTQB is internationally recognized in the field of software testing certification. If you are in software testing profession then this QA certification offers significant benefits:

        • Provides validation of skills and professional credibility
        • Helps in career path development for current and future employment
        • Builds and extends skills to support career progression
        • Increased income: certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues ,brand value .Hence, generate higher income
        • Competitive advantage: provides a competitive advantage by giving your clients greater confidence on the applications being developed due to efficient and cost effective testing practices

    ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Foundation Level certification exam is aimed for gaining knowledge of fundamental concepts of software testing. Test designers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers and IT Professionals usually take the certification. Sample papers help to prepare for the certification in a better planned manner.

    The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides certification for software testers internationally, so it is advised for testers to have istqb foundation level certification and then advanced level.

    ISTQB Exam has two level of certification:

        1. The Foundation Level  and
        2. Advanced Level

    For you to be ISTQB certified tester, one must successfully pass the certification exams. 

    In order to pass the test you must acquire professional knowledge in the field of testing, and be familiar with the basics and work processes of software testing.This certification is recognized globally.

    Refer Testing foundation material that will help you attain knowledge required for clearing the certification.

    To apply and appear for exam refer link

    ISTQB sample papers :

      • Each ISTQB mock test contains 40 questions .
      • Answers are provided at the end of the page.
      • Try to finish these 40 questions in a one-hour duration.
    ChapterExpected questions from each section
    The principles of testing7
    Testing throughout the life-cycle6
    Static testing3
    Test design techniques12
    Test management8
    Tool support for testing4

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