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       Basics of Software Testing
       Common Terms used in Testing
       Seven Testing Principles
       SDLC Vs STLC
       Fundamentals of Test Process
       Software Development Models
       Test Levels
       Strategies for Integration Testing
       Test Types
       Static AND Dynamic Techniques
       White Box Techniques
       Black Box Techniques
       Equivalence Partitioning
       Boundary Value Analysis
       Globalization & Localization Testing
       Test Planning
       Test Strategies Vs Test Plan
       Risk and Testing
       Defect Management
       Defect LifeCycle
       Severity Vs Priority
       DBMS Vs RDBMS
       SQL DataTypes
       SQL Operators
       SQL Statements
       SQL Constraints
       SQL Special Operators
       SQL Sorting (Order By)
       SQL Group By
       SQL Aggregate Function
       SQL Joins
       SQL SubQueries
       SQL Views
       SQL Index
       Introduction to Unix
       Unix System Architecture
       Basic Unix Commands
       Unix File System Commands
       Unix Links(ln)
       Regular Expressions
       Pipes and Filters
       Unix Text Processing Commands
       grep command in Unix
       Process Related Command
       File Tranfer Commands in Unix
       ISTQB Foundation Level certification exam
       What is ETL?
       ETL Testing Process
       Data Ware Housing
       Data Modelling
       Data Mining
       OLTP Vs OLAP
       ETL Testing Bugs
       DataBase Testing Vs ETL Testing
       Java overview
       Java basics
       Java Objects and classes
       Java variable types
       Java Basic Operators
       Java Loops and Controls
       Java conditions
       Java strings
       Java arrays
       Java file and IO operations
       Java exceptions
       Inner class
       Java OOPs Concepts
       Cohesion and Coupling
       Association, Aggregation and Composition


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