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  • Difference between Database Testing and ETL Testing | SQL queries for ETL/Data Base Testing

      • The main Objective of Database testing is check if the data is following the rules/standards defined in the Data Model.
      • In Database testing , Data is organised in the database in the form of tables.
      • DB testing includes verifying the components of database under test like schema, Functions, Stored Procedures, triggers, tables, underlying data, Performance etc.
      • The main Objective of ETL testing is to check if the data moved properly as expected.
      • ETL Testing covers testing of all these three steps involved in the ETL as well as testing the target database where in the data is loaded.

    We will learn below topics in this article


    Database Testing and ETL testing

    Difference between Database testing and ETL Testing


    ETL Testing

    Database Testing

    ObjectiveExtraction, Transform and Loading for BI ReportingData validation and Integration
    Systems applicableSystems with historical dataSystems with more of transactional data
    Database typeOLAP database for historical dataOLTP database for transactional data.
    Data typeDenormalized data with a lot of indexes and aggregationNormalized data consisting of a lot of joins.
    Examples of toolsQuerySurge, InformaticaSelenium, QTP
    ModelingMultidimensional modelEntity-Relationship model
    Operationread-only option is usedcreate, read, update, and delete operations are performed
    Data SizeVoluminous dataData size used is small.
    Volumesmaller scale.Large scale.

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