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Katalon Studio Introduction, features and Setup

This article is about automation testing tool Katalon Studio. We will cover below topics in this article:

Katalon Studio Introduction, features and Setup

What is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is a free-licensed tool released in 2015 with a selenium based engine.

It is a powerful ,robust automation tool which is can be used as a solution to automate:

    • Web, 
    • API, 
    • Mobile,
    • Desktop apps
    • Provides smart analytics 
    • CI/CD integrations

It is an automation testing solution provided by Katalon LLC.

The software of katalon is build on top of the open source automation frameworks like Selenium, Appium with specialized IDE interface for web, API, mobile and desktop application testing.

Katalon Features

 Katalon as a single tool provides various features:

      • Automate web testing
      • Automate Mobile testing
      • Web Services(API) testing
      • Can do record and playback
      • Easy identification of locators
      • Cross browser testing
      • Code-less experience for beginners
      • Built in project templates
      • Easy integration to continuous development and continuous integration tools like git, qtest, jira etc.
      • Advanced reporting and analytics.

Katalon Setup

System Requirements for Katalon setup are as in below table:

Operating SystemWindows 7 ,8,10, macOS 10.11+
CPU1GHz or faster
Memory1 GB RAM (32 bit) or 2 GB RAM(64 bit)
Hard DriveMinimum 1 GB available hard disk space

Steps to download  Katalon Studio:

  1. Go to the official site to download the tool https://www.katalon.com/
  2. Create account by clicking on Start for Free button.
Katalon Studio SignUp

3.Enter details and verify the account by clicking on the link sent on your email.

Katalon Studio SignUp enter details

4. Login and click on “Free Download” button to download Katalon’s latest version.

Katalon Studio free Download

5. Once downloaded, copy it in C:drive and open it from there. Click on the Katalon application.

Katalon Studio Application downloaded

6. That’s it. It is an easy setup. You are now ready to explore and automate using Katalon and its wonderful features

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