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  • ETL Test Scenarios and Types of ETL Test bugs

    ETL Test Scenarios are used in validating an ETL Test Process.

    We will learn below topics in this article

    ETL Testing Scenarios:

    Some of the most common scenarios and test-cases used by ETL tester are listed below

    1) Structure Validation  


      • Validation of source and the target table structure as per the mapping  document.
      • Data type , Field, Column name Validation in source and target System

    2) Validate Constraints


      • Validating the constraints and ensuring that they are applied on the expected tables.

    3) Validating Mapping document


      • Validating the mapping document to ensure all the information has been provided.

    4) Null Validation         

    Example :

      • Verify the Null values where Not Null is mentioned for that field.

    5) Data Consistency check


      • Validating the misuse of integrity constraints like Foreign Key.

    6) Date Validation check      

    Example :

      • From_Date should not greater than To_Date
      • Data format , NULL values etc

    7) Data Completeness Validation


      • Count the number of records in the source and the target systems.
      • Boundary value analysis.
      • Primary keys validation

    8) Data Cleaning


      • Un necessary data should be deleted before loading the data to the staging area.

    Few other scenarios are given below:

    9) Data Transform validation


      • Validate parent-child relationship in the data
      • Validate data types in the warehouse

    10) Data Quality Validation    

    Example :

      • Number check, date check, precision check, data check etc

    11) Duplicate Validation       


      • Validating duplicate values in the target system

     Few Others ETL testing scenarios are listed below and we can create ETL test cases based on these

      1. Data availability
      2. Data load insert
      3. Data load update
      4. Incremental data load
      5. Data accuracy
      6. Data loss

    Types of ETL Test Bugs

    1) User interface bugs/cosmetic bugs:

      • Related to GUI of application
      • Font style, font size, colors, alignment, spelling mistakes, navigation and so on

    2) Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) related bug:

      • Minimum and maximum values
    ETL Test bugs

    3) Equivalence Class Partitioning (ECP) related bug:

      • Valid and invalid type

    4) Input/output bugs:

      • Valid values not accepted
      • Invalid values accepted

    5) Calculation bugs:

      • Mathematical errors
      • Final output is wrong

    6) Load condition bugs:

      • Does not allows multiple users
      • Does not allows customer expected load

    7) Race condition bugs:

      • System crash & hang
      • System cannot run client plat forms

    8) Version control bugs:

      • No logo matching
      • No version information available
      • This occurs usually in regression testing

    9) H/W bugs:

      • Device is not responding to the application

    10)Source bugs:

      • Mistakes in help documents

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