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  • SQL -Right Outer Join or Right Join
    with Example

    The RIGHT JOIN /RIGHT OUTER returns all records from the Right table  and the matched records from the Left  table

    A (+) = B

    If no matching rows found in the Left table, NULL are used.

    SQL-Right Outer Join


    SELECT select_List FROM table1 
    RIGHT JOIN table2 
    ON table1.column_name = table2.column_name;


    Consider Employee table having below records.


    Consider Department table having below records.


    List Employees that doesn’t belong to any department

    Select  e1.EmployeeID ,e1.Employee_FirstName ,e1.Employee_LastName ,e1.City , d.departmentID , d.departmentName 
    from Employee e1 RIGHT JOIN Department d on e1.departmentID=d.departmentID   
    WHERE d.departmentName IS NULL
    SQL right Outer Join

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