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    In this tutorial we will learn how to open cypress test runner and command used for it.Below are the topics :

    how to open and start with cypress

    Location where cypress command is executed.

    • Cypress exe file is located at node_modules/.bin location. So whatever command is to be executed for cypress it has to be from this location.
    • To open the test runner in cypress cypress open command is used.
    • If you do not go to this location and enter the cypress open command, we will see an error like “cypress : The term ‘cypress’ is not recognized as the name….

    Now you can open Cypress from your project root one of the following ways:The long way with the full path.

    cypress executable location

    How to Open Cypress : open Command

    Command used in Visual studio terminal:  node_modules\.bin\cypress open

    cypress open command

    Test Runner will open:

    cypress test runner

    Cypress automatically adds test cases, folder structure in your project if you are first time user of cypress.You can now easily start with cypress.

    Error /Issues you may face:

    cypress open issues

    “disabled on this system. For more information, see about_Execution_Policies..

    Resolution to the error:

      1. Open the powershell command line in your system.
      2. Enter command:  Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned”
      3. Once it is successfully executed , run the command  node_modules\.bin\cypress open again in Visual studio terminal.

    .2. Cypress Test runner window does not opens:

    Try using the “cypress run” command instead of cypress open in this case.

    Switch Browsers in cypress

    Cypress Test Runner attempts to find all compatible browsers on the user’s machine. The drop down to select a different browser is in the top right corner of the Test Runner.

    cypress cross browser
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